Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. The HOA manages the roads and the grounds but has no authority over the structures. The HOA will maintain the landscaping up to the foundation of the structures. The HOA will also provide for snow removal.

The initial estimate of dues per home is $400 per month.

Yes, and they are managed and maintained by the HOA.

Yes. The homes are designed to the 2020 Boulder Energy code. This code generally exceeds the LEED standard for energy efficiency.

Yes. The homes all have fire sprinklers throughout. Further all exterior materials are treated to be fire resistant.

Yes. There a mix of affordable and moderate income housing. There are four affordable housing units for families earning 60% of the average median income. These are all located in the historic buildings at the entrance to the project. Behind the historic structures there is a row of affordable homes for those whose incomes are 80-100% of the average median income. There are 6 moderate income homes situated throughout the community for those earning 100-120% of the average median income.

Yes. It is about a 10-15 minute walk to downtown on the Boulder Creek Path.

Yes. The entire north side of the community is dedicated Boulder Open Space. The entire south side of the community is adjacent to the Boulder Creek Path and the Boulder Creek public area which is managed by the Boulder Parks department.

Yes. All of the market rate homes in the community are three stories and all have elevators.